Don Descy, Ph.D.

Instructional Media and Technology Consultant
Minnesota State University
Mankato, MN

     Don E. Descy, Ph.D. is an award winning Educational Technology and Media consultant. He has written over 120 articles, 4 book chapters and 4 text book editions and presented over 200 workshops, teacher in-services, keynote addresses, and presentations in 35 states and Canada, France, mainland Japan (As a guest of the Japanese government.), Okinawa (As a guest of JICA [Japan International Cooperation Agency].), and China (As a guest of the People's Republic of China Liberation Army.). For more information on how Dr. Descy can assist you, contact him at the above e-mail address.
     Dr. Descy's Vita (Word File).

Don E. Descy, Ph.D.                        


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Education in the Palm (OS) of Your Hands . Everything you need to know to utilize a Palm OS handheld computer in your classroom.


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